SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Moo Cards: A Portfolio in your Pocket

If there was ever a non art related  item tailor made for artists it would have to be Moo Cards.   Normally when you order business cards you create a design, order 500 copies and that's that.  It is a good way to get your contact information out and create a general sense of who you are and what you do but not the best way to get the feeling of your work into the hands of people.  Moo Cards changes everything.

They call it Printfinity and what it means that you have your contact information on one side of the card and as many different images as you want on the other side of the card.   100 cards, 100 images.  It is like having a portfolio that you can carry in your pocket.  Not only can you show prospective clients a wide sampling of your work, they can pick a card to keep in their rolodex to remember you by.

Moo offers two sizes of cards, regular and mini.  The mini's run about $20/hundred while the regular are about $22/50.  The mini cards are a great deal as you can get enough of your image into the template that people can get a feel for your work and the small size makes them stand out as something unique.  Both are printed on 16pt stock and have a great feel to them.

Moo also does postcards the same way...more about that later...

SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!

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