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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get listed in the Internet Yellow Pages

Run a Google search on the terms art austin and look at the results.  You should see prominently featured on the left hand side "Local business results for art near Austin, TX".

Yahoo and Bing have similar local based sections.  Your art is a local business and your studio is a local place of business.  Google is the best of these since it not only allows your basic business info to be entered but also allows you to upload pictures of you, your artwork,  a placement on Google maps, etc.  You can also have your friends provide recommendations for your art, etc.
And best of all, if you are just a Dude and a Dog, it is all free.

Sign Up with Google Places
Sign up with Yahoo Local
Sign up with Bing Local

A secondary consequence of signing up with these services is that you have just boosted your credibility ratings with the scutters and your SEO value will go up also.

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