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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Band together with Artists in your Vicinity

One of the biggest hardships last year was that of artists in single studios vs. the artists in the larger complexes like BigMedium and Pump.  As an artist in a home studio you will always be at a disadvantage in this regard.  While some people get their book a week early, go through it thoroughly and plan out their tour most are grazers who take the easier way, let's start out at a big complex where we can park the car and see 30 artists at one stop.

These next series of articles will focus on what you can do if you are not part of a big complex.

Number one on the list is band together with your neighborhood artists and create an identity.  People are more likely to come all the way out to your studio if they know they can park once and see multiple art studios in one locale.  The same goes for bike tourers, give them a reason and they will bike across town to visit your space.

Promoting your studio on the tour is tough, banding together with 4 or 5 of your neighborhood artists and inviting people to tour The Delwood Arts District  sounds a little more enticing to the tour goer who is planning out their next move.  Besides getting to know all of the artists in your neighborhood it opens up a lot of opportunities for promotion within the group identity along with sharing the costs of a group marketing campaign. 

If you think about it, the artists at Big Medium and Pump are individual artists who happen to share a common space.  You can have this same advantage with a neigborhood instead of a building, but you will have to create it, just like they did.

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